Cottonwood Performing Arts Council

About Us

Cottonwood Performing Arts Center promotes (C. P. A. C.) is soon to be a non-profit 501-C3 and is dedicated to the education and preservation of the fine arts. Cottonwood Performing Arts Center promotes  instructional classes in music, art, dance, and theatre for all ages, and provides the Cottonwood community and Shasta and Tehama county with concerts, music jams, music competitions, workshops and live entertainment.

Board of Directors

Director - Martha Boyle

Treasurer - David LeeJohnson

Secretary - Erin Friedman

Advisor - Adrienne Jacoby

Publicity - Joanne Snyder


Mission Statement

"The specific purpose of this corporation is for the education of, and preservation of the fine arts for all age groups. The center reaches out to local families and schools offering lessons from a qualified staff in various music, dance, theater and art venues. The organization will work with the community to put on local performances and will be a part of community events."